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nitro timetable

PLEASE NOTE: Boxing gloves are required for the group classes. They can be purchased or hired at Nitro for an additional cost. 

The Spartan
After a rigorous warm up, members will be given the task of completing a strength and conditioning circuit as many times as possible for time. This will give each member a score to challenge themselves for next time, or to test themselves against the rest of the gym. Expect the unexpected as the workouts will change from session to session keeping your body guessing!

The Sweet Science
Dig a little deeper into the technical aspects of Boxing, in this high energy, fat blasting session. Each class will focus on different aspects of Boxing, whether it be footwork, head movement, attack or defence. In this 30-minute session you will learn how to build larger combinations of punches off a basic four punch combo, or string multiple combinations together with evasive manoeuvres and counter punches to give you a workout like no other. Come and see why Boxing is called the Sweet Science!

This session is designed to bridge the gap between pad work and sparring. Partner up and get ready to go LIVE as you learn how to catch and slip punches, working on both attacking and defensive drills without the fear of being hit. This is a great class for those that would like a better understanding of the sport!

NOS Boxing
The name says it all, Nitro Old School Boxing! NOS Boxing is for those that want to do the training of a professional boxer, without the bruises.
Start the session with some road work or skipping, then bag work, pad work, foot work and head movement drills. Then partner up for some catching and slipping drills, before finishing off with some good old-fashioned ab and core work. If you want to experience the essence of one of the oldest Olympic sports NOS Boxing is for you!

Boxing 101
This is a great class for beginners to learn the fundamentals and more experienced members to perfect the basics! Boxing 101 is 30 minutes of heart pounding high intensity pad and bag work, combined with Plyometric exercises to give you a full body workout!

Detox Box
Whether you have had an overindulgent weekend, or want to shed some fat fast, then this is the session for you! Wrap your hands, lace up your gloves and prepare to sweat it out. This action-packed class will have you blasting the bag and working your muscles from head to toe, with a variety of body weight exercises!

This 30min session is guaranteed to get your heart racing! Nitro Shred is a trainer’s choice workout aimed at smashing those big muscle groups like your hamstrings, glutes, thighs and Abs. Packed with Plyometric exercises and high intensity sprint work on our cardio machines, this session will test even the fittest members. Shedding fat and getting fit is what the Nitro Shred is all about!